Building Adjudication

Our knowledge in building contracts and adjudication can help subcontractors recover disputed payments from primary contractors.

What if you’re a Subcontractor or Construction Specialist who is having difficulties being paid by your Main Contractor Clients or is involved in a dispute?

Has Adjudication come up for you and you’re unsure of what it entails, how to go about winning or how much it would cost?
Do you have an issue that needs to be resolved quickly?

Adjudicators have extensive experience in the construction industry, and they can assist you in navigating the procedure, preparing submissions, and managing the process to your satisfaction. In other words, we play as if your money were our own, and we’ll never take any chances with it.

Their clients have been able to resolve disputes ranging from £10,000 to £12 million in value because to Aica’s services. In many cases, all it takes is a single letter to get things moving in the right direction and open the door to discussion. Negotiating on behalf of our numerous Subcontractor clients of all trades has been extremely effective in securing significantly fairer settlements and freeing their underpaid funds.

In 1998, the Housing Grants, Construction, and Regeneration Act made adjudication a component of the UK’s construction law. Adjudication is an option in most construction contracts, even if the contract explicitly states otherwise. Upon initiating Adjudication, the Adjudicator’s Decision is binding on both parties and may be enforced at law if required.

Aica is likely to be able to effectively recover payment on your behalf if you are owed money under a construction contract or subcontract, either via negotiation, mediation, or the power of adjudication. We will first discuss the merits of your case with you, and then devise a plan for obtaining your funds.

Most of the time, we may offer a set fee agreement or even a no-win no-cost service that reduces your risk if the Adjudicator does not rule in your favour.

A service for homeowners and builders who cannot resolve disputes themsevles and need an impartial person. Click Here

Services Provided

Numerous Adjudications for Subcontractors, as well as Employers, have been successfully handled by AICA.

How to Handle a Dispute Over a Party Wall

Even if the Act states that a dispute is necessary, a quarrel in the sense of a party wall need not be much of a fight at all.
In accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, if an adjoining owner does not consent to proposed works after 14 days of being notified of the proposed works, the parties are said to be “in dispute.”
Each of the owners must hire a surveyor and those surveyors must come to an agreement on the parameters of a party wall award, which is also known as a Party Wall Agreement, in order for the dispute to be settled in accordance with the Act.

It is still necessary to resolve the “conflict” between the neighbouring owners, even if the adjoining owner agrees to agree with their neighbour’s choice of surveyor as “agreed surveyor” (which is typically a good decision for minor works), and an award must be made up and served on the owners.